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Greenleaf Can provide your paper needs in the following:

The possibilities are endless!

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Natural Kraft
Natural Kraft paper is extremely durable, strong, and economical. These characteristics allow it to be used in various applications and industries such as printing and manufacturing.

Standard basis weights available are 30#, 40#, 50#, 60# and 70#.

Other Uses:
  • Over Wrap
  • Bundling
  • Product Interleaving
  • Dunnage
  • Unitizing
  • Packaging

 Pallet SheetsInterleaving

Neutral Kraft
Neutral Kraft  is a brown kraft substrate produced to have a neutral PH Balance. It is used to help prevent corrosion to susceptible products such as circuit boards, stainless steel, aluminum and glass.
  • Stainless Steel / Aluminum Wrapping and Interleaving
  • Glass Wrapping and Interleaving

Bleached Wet Strength Kraft
Bleached Wet Strength is a white kraft substrate produced to retain tensile strength while in contact with large amounts of water or moisture. Itís primarily used in the agricultural industries where it is in contact with fruits and vegetables. The sheets can be hole punched to allow the product to have airflow and to drain. These sheets are known as Ice Pads.

  • Table Covers
  • Ice Pads - Plain and Punched (For Agriculture)

Saturating Kraft
Saturating Kraft is a brown kraft made specifically for high-pressure laminate products such as Copper Clad laminates, shelving and furniture.
  • Product Interleaving
  • Copper Clad Laminates (For Circuit Boards)

CHIPBOARD  is a thick paper made from recycled fibers and comes in a variety of calipers and basis weights. This paper is used in a large number of applications due to itís durability, printing characteristics and flexibility.

Other Uses:

  • Separator Sheets
  • Interleaving
  • Pallet Covers
  • Displays
  • Car Liner
  • Divider Sheets

  Backing for Pads    Picture Frame Backing

  • Paper Boxes and Trays
  • Clothing Stiffeners

SBS (Solid Bleach Sulphate)
SBS  is a high quality board, white throughout with one coated side. This product is most commonly used for retail packaging because of the bright white sheet and eye catching printability.

    Printed Pads & Sheets       Paper Boxes and trays     Retail Displays and Packaging

Other Uses:
  • Photo Interleaving
  • Carrier Sheets (Food Industry)

LINERBOARD is Heavier than Kraft paper, and is mainly manufactured for corrugated cartons. Linerboard is a durable and cost effective sheet that can be used in many applications.

Other Uses:

  • Floor Covering
  • Pallet Covers
  • Slit Sheets
  • Protective Wraps

CLAYCOATED is a smooth board with a white claycoated top. It is available in White, Kraft or News-Back. Claycoated is another board that is popular with making paper boxes, Printed pallet sheets and Interleaving. Itís similar to SBS but with slightly less tensile strength.

Printed Sheets                  Paper Boxes

WRC1 / WRC2 is designed to provide superior performance in harsh environments. It provides excellent resistance to grease, oils and water. While strong enough for outdoor use, itís also safe to use with food products. Please call for more information.